My Testimony: How God Transformed My Life

During the Haggai International Accelerated Leadership Seminar in Maui, Hawaii from September 5 – 21, 2017, I had the privilege of sharing my testimony on how God transformed my life to 60 Haggai Leaders from 28 countries. My testimony is the fact that God has a unique purpose for my life.

My Country

I was born in Chin State, Myanmar. Myanmar (also known as Burma) is located in South East Asia. Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country composed of eight major national ethnic races: Bama, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan with more than 135 different ethnic groups, cultural traditions, and tribal dialects that reflected cultural differences in communication. Myanmar is a multi-religious plural society with its population of 54.7 million; and the major religions are Buddhism with 89.20%, Christianity with 6.2%, Islam with 4.3%, Hinduism with 0.5%, and others like Nat (Spirit) worshipers are 1.1%.

How I Became a Born-again Christian

Being raised in a Christian family, I was taught the Bible and have attended Children’s Sunday school and the church but had never felt that I truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ until I attended a gospel crusade. By God’s grace, I had the opportunity to hear the authentic gospel and came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord at age 14 in 1998. Read More Peter’s Biography

My God’s Calling to the Ministry

When I was a teenager I began to serve in Children’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher. In the year 2000, I joined a Seminary in Yangon to get theological education and to pursue God’s calling for my life. While I was doing my Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies, I came to realize the call of God to the ministry. Since then I actively participate in youth ministry, working with youth leaders, and in evangelism and mission outreach. I graduated from a theological seminary in 2004.

My Life’s Transitions

It was in 2006 while I was doing my MDiv 2nd year I had to dropout from a Seminary due to financial restraints and life issues. I felt so helpless and get frustrated with the situations I was going through. And I spent some time to pray and seek God’s will and guidance.

Through a connection with a friend of mine, I propelled my employment as an Accountant in a company in Malaysia in earlier 2007, but it was a failure. I lost my passport in my stolen wallet on a public bus a few weeks before my employment to confirm. So, I had to cancel working in Malaysia. I lost the money I had paid for employment service, which I borrowed from someone else with an interest and had to repay with installment over the years. That was one of greatest failures in my career life goal.

As a natural born entrepreneur, a self-starter, I worked on my own initiative and through a right discern of God’s leadership, and consequently decided to take risk to start a business. But the problem is I had no money to invest in. So I had to work hard to survive and save some money. I struggled a lot during that tough time.

In March 2007, I was able to start my own business from a humble beginning. God has blessed me in many ways and prospered my business in a great way. It was operated for 2 years and closed in June 2009, since God worked to move me in a new direction to fulfill His purpose for his life. During that particular period of time I became a backslidden Christian and I lived a miserable and worldly life, but God has changed me and I am changed forever. 

In fact, God dealt with a sinful life I’ve lived and a business was at disadvantage as I wandered off from His purpose. I lost everything I had, but found myself again in God’s perfect plan. By the way, I had a long-waited accomplishment of my Master of Divinity degree in February 2017. I studied my first professional degree with concentration in church leadership and missional studies for more than 7 years, and it took me 13 years to have academic breakthrough.

My failures as integral part of success, I started my own business Agape Employment Service from a humble beginning in March 2007, and it was closed in June 2009, then transitioned to initiate a leading Christ’s transformational mission movement “for such a time as this”.

My Family

I met my wife, Alice, in Youth Camp and we have been married eight years now. God has blessed us with two fabulous sons, Joshua Mang and Joseph Mang. I really thank God for my family. God established our family and He uses our trials to mold and shape us for His own purpose, and He make us into what He intended for our marriage.

My family relationship is what most shapes my life as a transformed leader. Leading well in the home and building healthy family relationship leads to strong and healthy leadership in the church, organization and workplace.

The beautiful thing is that God established my family at the beginning of our missions work with the Agape Initiatives to be the foundation of LOVE NEVER FAILS™. God loves us and uses us despite our weaknesses and failures. Read More My Family

My Life Transforming Experience

Though I fail God many times, He is faithful always and His love never fails me. It was since 1998 I have had a desire to serve in church ministry, and in 2002 I realized God’s call to the ministry, and in 2007 I discovered my God-sized dreams and vision, then in 2009 I came in full realization of my God-given calling and the specific purpose God has for my life.

I was on  Sunday, June 28, 2009, through repentance and confession, with a broken contrite heart and in tears, I have made one last and final decisive re-dedication to respond to God’s call and pursue my unique God-given calling in pursuit of God’s purpose for my life. Through a pursuit of a grander vision from God, we laid the cornerstone of LOVE NEVER FAILS™ the key element of Agape Initiatives corporate identity in June 2009, and we founded our first Agape Initiative for Missions (know known as Agape Mission Alliance in September 2009.

True brokenness and the life changing moment on Sunday, June 28, 2009 was when God brought forth my unique God-given vision to initiate agape love movement that brings God’s transforming love and living hope to all generations. And it takes a decade to see my God-sized dreams and vision becoming reality.

I had a bad past life! But then, I believe how God dealt with my bad past, worked in my life to let go of my past pain, and He has completely transformed my life, that enabled me to pursue His purpose for my life and live my file to the fullest in Christ. My life as a role model transformed leader, it is worth the sacrifice. I’ve gone through brokenness, helpless, homeless, rejection, trials and afflictions, and difficult life situations, but God’s grace has been sufficient for me and my family through it all. Amen.

My Ministry Experiences

I am an ordained minister. With discernment of God’s calling to ministry leadership, I was recognized and confirmed by my granduncle, a man of God, Rev. Dr. Robert Thawng Hlai, the late Founding Minister and Senior Pastor of Chin Baptist Church of Yangon, through the laying on of hands and prayer of dedication. And I was officially ordained in February 2018, with ministerial authority and official recognition of my unique God-given calling through the laying on of hands by Senior Leaders from Myanmar Gospel Baptist Convention and Faculty of Gospel Baptist Bible Seminary. Read More About Peter

My intend is to testify how God has transformed my life in order to be a living proof of a resurrected life, the vision from God to bring His transforming love and living hope to all generations and He has been doing great things in and through my life.

With my wife Alice, I have founded the following high-impact transformational Initiatives:

  • Founder, Agape Youth Initiative – (2017): A ministry to the next generation and youth development initiative.
  • Founder, Agape Christian University – (2017 ): A private non-profit, non-denominational Christian institution that operates under Agape Initiatives Movement, and affiliated with Agape Christian Church in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Founder, Agape Development Foundation – (2016): A Christian charitable ministry and holistic development initiative.
  • Founder, Agape Christian Resources – (2016): A faith-based literature ministry that facilitates translation, publishing and distribution of the biblically sound books, gospel resources, and training materials.
  • Founder, Agape Entrepreneurship Alliance – (2015): A missional entrepreneurship initiative dedicated to bringing a positive impact of micro and small enterprise development in Myanmar.
  • Founder, Agape Gospel Alliance – (2013): A church growth accelerator and initiative for church revitalization dedicated to multiplying Christlike disciples and building healthy churches in Myanmar.
  • Founder, Agape Professional Development Academy  – (2013): A leading vocational and professional development academy that makes quality learning accessible for people from all walks of life. ( It was started in 2013 as Agape Center for Education.)
  • Founding Pastor, Agape Christian Church Yangon – (2012): An independent and autonomous body of believers, with small groups and house churches that function as a multisite church in Yangon. 
  • Founder, Agape Mission Alliance – (2009): An initiative for missions that multiplies missional leaders and launches church planting and multiplication in Myanmar.
  • Founder, Agape Evangelistic Ministries – (2009) Agape Initiatives Movement was first founded as Agape Evangelistic Ministries in June 2009. It was established as a religious corporation by the Central Management Board in January 2016, with its corporate office in Yangon, Myanmar. LEARN MORE

Other Ministry Experiences:

  • Church Planter, Global Life Enrichment Center – (2014 – 2015): served as Assistant Pastor at Truth Church in Hlaingtharyar, Yangon, and English Service Coordinator at Myanmar Enrichment Mission.
  • Committee Member, Myanmar Move – (2012): Equipping Youth Leaders and Resources for Youth Workers and National Youth Pastors Conference.
  • Youth Worker, Gospel Baptist Church of North Dagon and Gospel Baptist Youth Fellowship – (2000 – 2006)
  • Student Library Assistant, Gospel Baptist Bible Seminary, Yangon – (2002 – 2005)
  • Sunday School Teacher, Children’s Education Department of The Wesleyan Church of Mualzawl, Chin State – (1998 – 2000)

Read More My Testimony: How God Transformed My Life

God qualifies those He calls. God is only asking for your availability. If you make yourself available to God, He can make you a channel of blessing to your family, church, community, country, and to all nations.

“God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us” (Ephesians 3:20). Amen.

Romans 11:36, it says, For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.”

*Photo: Haggai International Mid Pacific Center, Maui, Hawaii, Sep 22, 2017 6:00 a.m.

Together in God’s Mission of Transformation of the World | Bringing God’s transforming love and living hope to all generations | Helping people people find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique God-given calling, live their mission, and lead their life LOVE NEVER FAILS™


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