Agape Lifeway Consulting

Agape Group provides reliable consulting services to individuals, teams, churches, and organizations with learning and development consulting, ministry consulting, and leadership consulting.

Learning and Development Consulting

We offer a learning and development consulting focused on human resource development.

Ministry Consulting

We help church planters and pastors plant and grow healthy, growing, multiplying churches with ministry consulting and leadership development to identify and address issues affecting church administration and leadership and to align vision, mission, values, strategy, and goals to the purpose of the church.  

Leadership Consulting

We help leaders achieve personal breakthrough experiences, measurably improve their values, character, knowledge, and skills and effectively implement the leadership development process to become a better person and a better leader.

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Knowing Your Purpose

31-Day Identifying and Implementing Your Purpose and Calling

Personal Leadership Development

5-Day Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Natural Talents, and Acquired Skills