Welcome to Agape Group

Agape Group is a nonprofit missional enterprise dedicated to providing specialized professional services to bring solutions to real-life problems and make a difference in people’s lives, the community, and the world. Our mission is to catalyze transformational development for holistic transformation and sustainable development.

Education Services

Agape Group provides transformative educational services dedicated to enabling equitable access to education, learning, training, and development for people from all walks of life.

LIFE Solutions

Agape Group provides a holistic and sustainable approach to transformational development to enact holistic change through Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment ™ initiative.

Business Solutions

Agape Group provides Startup Incubation Services to support transformational entrepreneurs to develop and implement scalable and sustainable business plans to improve their livelihoods and maximize kingdom impact.

Coaching & Mentoring

Agape Group offers life coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, small group coaching, leadership mentoring, ministry mentoring, business mentoring, professional mentoring, and leadership development services

Consulting Services

Agape Group provides reliable consulting services to individuals, teams, churches, and organizations with learning and development consulting, ministry consulting, and leadership consulting.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Agape Group provides professional psychotherapy and counseling services in a culturally sensitive setting. We are committed to providing guidance to help you experience holistic wellness, navigate life’s challenges, and afford a better quality of life.

Health & Wellness

Agape Group provides Family Health and Wellness as a family, compassionate, and professional practice that offers good quality and free or low-cost health care, nursing care, midwifery care, and family care serving families.

Freelance Services

Agape Group offers freelance services marketplace for Christian professionals, freelancers, bi-vocational ministers, skilled and talented self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.

Digital Solutions

Agape Group seeks to offer leading-edge innovation strategy services and transformative digital solutions. Our mission is to accelerate growth through digital transformation.

Our Partners

Agape Entrepreneurship Association is a national network of transformational entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to creating wealth and generating sustainable solutions to local real problems through entrepreneurship.

Agape Development Foundation is a non-profit Christian charitable organization dedicated to empowering holistic transformation and accelerating sustainable development in Myanmar.

BAM Myanmar Network exists to accelerate a business as mission movement in Myanmar by connecting Christian professionals, missional entrepreneurs, and BAM practitioners to create a Kingdom impact through business.

“My highest expectation from my Lord when I’ve done my part in His Kingdom work is: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” – Peter Mang

Highest Expectation

“My professional purpose is to pursue God’s solutions and bring God’s transformation to lives, families, communities, and nations.” – Peter Mang

Professional Purpose