Welcome to Peter Mang Company Limited

Peter Mang Company Limited is a growing transformational enterprise that accelerates personal and professional transformation, entrepreneurship ecosystem development, economic and social development, financial freedom and sustainable development. We are an officially registered company incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017 on March 4, 2019 as a Private Company Limited by Shares. A Company Registration Number is 119027772.

We seek to provide services in the areas of livelihoods improvement and family empowerment, family healthcare and wellness services, executive coaching and leadership development, executive education and professional development, professional psychotherapy and counseling, business solutions and management consulting, business coaching and mentoring, entrepreneurship ecosystem development, micro and small business development, professional digital solutions, and freelance services marketplace for professionals.

Executive Education

We are passionately committed to creating executive education and professional development opportunities that provide excellent training, credentials and qualifications in management, leadership development, vocational education, professional development, entrepreneurship and business development.

Digital Solutions

We are the digital marketing management and strategic marketing consultancy that offers professional digital solutions for churches, Christian schools, bible colleges and seminaries, Christian ministries and mission organizations, small and medium businesses, and conglomerates.

Business Solutions

From micro to small and medium-sized business and from startups to corporates, we provide business solutions, management consulting, executive and business coaching and mentoring to help you make better business decisions, overcome business challenges, achieve breakthrough business, and create inclusive and sustainable growth.

Freelance Marketplace

We are a leading freelance services marketplace for Christian freelancers, bivocational ministers, Christian professionals, skilled and talented self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.

Professional Freelancers Network

Professional Freelancers Network is a community of professional freelancers that helps you connect with freelance services marketplace. As a professional freelancer, you have a great opportunity to make extra income working in your own time and at your own pace.

“My God-given calling and professional purpose as a transformational leader is to pursue God’s solutions and bring God’s transformation to lives, families, communities, and nations.” – Peter Mang

Professional Purpose

“My highest expectation from my Lord when I’ve done my part in His Kingdom work is: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” – Peter Mang

Highest Expectation