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Peter Mang Company Limited is a transformational development enterprise that focuses on personal, professional, educational and organizational transformation and leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and socioeconomic development through strategic envisioning, training, counseling, coaching, mentoring, consulting, executive education, and solutions development.

Peter Mang Company works to empower transformation and accelerate development. We seek to provide services in the areas of livelihoods improvement and family empowerment, family healthcare and wellness, coaching and mentoring for leadership development, executive education and professional development, business management consulting, learning and development consulting, business coaching and mentoring, micro and small business development, professional psychotherapy and counseling, professional digital solutions, and freelance services marketplace for professionals.

Executive Education

We are passionately committed to creating executive education and professional development opportunities that provide excellent training in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, business development, organizational development, vocational education, and personal and professional development.

Digital Solutions

We are an online business management and digital marketing consultancy that offers professional digital solutions for churches, Christian schools, bible colleges and seminaries, Christian ministries and mission organizations, small and medium businesses, and conglomerates.

Business Solutions

From micro to small and medium-sized business and from startups to corporates, we provide business management consulting, executive coaching and business mentoring to help you make better business decisions, overcome business challenges, achieve breakthrough business, and create inclusive and sustainable growth.

Freelance Services

We are a leading freelance services marketplace for Christian freelancers, bivocational ministers, professionals, skilled and talented self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.

Professional Freelancers Network is a community of professional freelancers that helps you connect with freelance services marketplace. As a professional freelancer, you have a great opportunity to make extra income working in your own time and at your own pace.

L&D Consulting

Agape Lifeway is a learning and development consultancy firm focus on human resource management and development.

We provide reliable and accountable services in personal growth, professional development, management solutions, learning advisory, life and leadership coaching, career mentoring, and strategy consulting.

Agape Lifeway is a subsidiary of Peter Mang Company Limited.

Coaching and Mentoring

We offer leadership development through coaching and mentoring. We focus on helping leaders achieve personal breakthrough experience, measurably increase their values, character, knowledge and competencies and effectively implement leadership behavior change process to become a better person and a better leader.

Professional Counseling

We provide professional psychotherapy and counseling services in a culturally sensitive setting. We specialize in working with psychiatrists, professional psychotherapists and Christian counselors to provide guidance to help our clients experience psychological healing and emotional wellness, navigate life’s challenges and afford a better quality of life.

Transformation Solutions

We takes seriously to fulfill our corporate social responsibility to enact social change and development through promoting socially responsible businesses, accelerating freedom business movement, and creating a positive impact on lives, families and communities.

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“My highest expectation from my Lord when I’ve done my part in His Kingdom work is: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” – Peter Mang

Highest Expectation

“My intention, as a transformational leader, is not about being better than everyone else, but helping people become better leaders.” – Peter Mang

My Intention