About Peter T. Mang

Hello, my name is Peter T. Mang

I am a visionary strategist, mission mobilizer, missional entrepreneur, entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, small business development trainer and coach, business consultant, discipleship development trainer and mentor, leadership development trainer and facilitator, leadership coach, professional trainer, professional counselor, advocate, and transformational leader.

Visionary Strategist, Entrepreneur, Master Trainer, Mentor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Counselor, Advocate


Peter Mang Company Limited

Peter Mang

Peter Mang Company Limited is a private family enterprise that is a growing business as mission founded in March 2018. We are an official registered company incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017 on March 4, 2019 as a Private Company Limited by Shares. We are committed to accelerating transformation through leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and development, and creating generational wealth and building inclusive and sustainable growth through entrepreneurial ecosystem development to build strong families that leads to strong communities and nation.

Peter Mang Company Limited seeks to provide services in the areas of livelihoods improvement and family empowerment, family healthcare and caregiver education, executive coaching and leadership development, executive education and professional development, professional psychotherapy and counseling, business solutions and management consulting, entrepreneurial ecosystem development, micro and small business development, professional web design and development solutions, and freelance services marketplace.


Our Services 


“My God-given calling and professional purpose as a transformational leader is to pursue God’s solutions and bring God’s transformation to lives, families, communities, and nations.” – Peter Mang

Professional Purpose

“My intention, as a transformational leader, is not about being better than everyone else, but helping people become better leaders.” – Peter Mang

My Intention