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Peter T. Mang – Executive and Leadership Coach, Master Trainer and Facilitator, Ministry Consultant, Leadership Development Facilitator

Peter Mang’s coaching motto is: “Bringing out the best in leaders.”

Peter T. Mang is an ordained minister, discipler, ministry consultant, missional entrepreneur, life and career coach, executive and leadership coach, leadership development facilitator, business development facilitator, master trainer, biblical counselor, professional mentor, and transformational leader.

Peter is a visionary strategist and catalyst for holistic transformational development. He loves working with individuals, families, churches, and organizations in accelerating personal and professional development, spiritual and moral formation, children and youth development, family health and wellbeing, leadership and team development, church planting and multiplication, education transformation, organizational development, entrepreneurship and business development, and community development.

Coaching Method and Process

Our coaching focus on helping leaders achieve personal breakthrough experiences, measurably improve their values, character, knowledge, and skills and effectively implement the leadership development process to become a better person and a better leader.

The leadership development process involves helping leaders discover and grow their personal values, improve self-awareness and commitment to growth in character, knowledge and skills, make the case for change and develop strategy and clear action plans, take micro-actions to get small wins and build momentum, and develop metrics to measure progress and growth in leadership effectiveness.

Our highly successful approach to executive and leadership coaching includes a strong emphasis on the involvement of coworkers, development of servant leadership practices, implementation of leadership behavior change, and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.

Our goal is to help leaders live their values and lead a purposeful and fulfilling life, make a positive, lasting change in their leadership practices, and measurably increase their leadership effectiveness that results in great leadership that glorifies God.

Professional Experiences

Peter has over 13 years of experience in church planting, ministry leadership, and nonprofit management and leadership. His passion is to glorify God by transforming lives, developing leaders, and empowering people for holistic transformation and sustainable growth in local communities through multifaceted transformational development initiatives that accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

In March 2007, Peter began his career in recruitment and started Agape recruitment agency from a humble beginning. In June 2009, Peter started Agape evangelistic ministry from humble beginnings and later initiated seven parachurch ministries and merged with Agape Initiatives in 2018. Since then, it has grown into a movement with multifaceted initiatives to catalyze transformational development movement that brings redemptive love, transforming grace, living hope, and abundant life to people.

Peter founded Agape Mission in 2009, Agape Discipleship in 2013, Agape Entrepreneurship in 2015, Agape Development Foundation in 2016, Agape Resources in 2016, Agape Youth in 2017, and Agape Leadership University in 2017. These seven multifaceted transformational development initiatives are merged into Agape Initiatives in 2018.

In March 2018, Peter founded Peter Mang Company Ltd. an incorporated parent company of Agape Group and its subsidiaries Agape Education Services, Agape Family Health and Wellness, Agape Startup Incubation Services, Agape Family Investments, Agape Freelance Services, and Agape Lifeway Consulting, Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring.

Peter serves as a church planter and the founding minister of Agape Church Yangon, founder and president of the Association of Independent Churches of Myanmar, and founder and president of Agape Initiatives and its seven parachurch organizations. He is CEO and founder of Agape Group and a global partner at Prossimo Global Partners. He enjoys volunteering with over a dozen international organizations at the local, national, and international levels.

Qualifications and Credentials

Internationally trained by Will Linssen, a recognized world’s #1 Leadership Coach, #1 Coach Trainer, and Master Certified Coach, Peter Mang has been awarded Certified Global Leadership Coach, Certified Global Team Coach, and Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GLA360 Professional) with the Global Coach Group accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and be associated with the top leadership coaching organization integrating coaching with innovative technology services for a modern world.

Peter Mang is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach, Certified Team Coach, and Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching the world’s #1 executive coaching training and leadership development program that offers the world’s #1 executive coaching services and is part of the world’s largest executive coaches network.

As a professionally trained and experienced corporate and leadership trainer, Peter Mang was awarded an internationally accredited  European International University Certified Master Trainer in Train the Trainer. Peter is Haggai International Certified Leadership Development Facilitator, World Youth Alliance Certified Friend/Member (for Advocacy of Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, and Human Rights), Global Disciples International approved trainer and mentor for Discipleship Mission, Small Business Development, and Leadership Development programs, EQUIP Leadership Transformation Facilitator, and Faith Driven Entrepreneur Group Facilitator, etc.

Peter is also professionally trained in life coaching, discipleship coaching, church planting coaching, business coaching, leadership consulting, and professional mentoring.

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