Agape Education Services

Agape Group provides educational services dedicated to enabling equitable access to education, learning, training, and development for all people.

Agape Education Services soon be providing quality and affordable executive education and continuing professional development for individuals and organizations. We envision a leading executive education and continuing professional development institute that makes quality learning accessible for people from all walks of life.

Agape Institute

Agape Institute is a private business school that offers executive education and continuing professional development in Yangon.

The institute will offer online and in-person workshops and masterclass programs, vocational education and training programs, professional certificate and certification programs, executive development programs, continuing and professional studies, and graduate-level business courses.

We are dedicated to making quality learning accessible for people from all walks of life. And we are passionately committed to creating executive education and continuing professional development opportunities that provide transformative learning in general management, leadership development, executive development, entrepreneurship development, business development, vocational education, health and wellness education, and personal and professional development.


  • Workshops and MasterClasses
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Professional Certificate and Certification Programs
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Professional Diploma Courses
  • Family Health and Wellness Course
  • Micro and Small Business Development Training
  • Professional Studies
  • Graduate-level Business Courses

Agape International School

Agape International School is a private international standard school for young learners and adolescent learners that offers a hybrid learning platform.

The school will offer early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, language education, and Christian education.

Agape International School’s mission is to provide quality and affordable education for all children and youth. It is our goal to make education accessible to all vulnerable children and young people.

A tuition-free education is available for those students who cannot afford the nominal processing fees of the Academy. It is the school’s belief that every child and adolescent deserves the right to an education, and that no child and adolescent should be left behind due to financial constraints.

Our Partners

Agape International School is partnering with nonprofit organizations working with children and youth development and a number of international schools that bring quality education to children.

Agape Center for Education

Agape Center is dedicated to providing vocational education and training for youth, parents, and ministry leaders.

Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) ensures technical skills development in a wide range of vocational ministries, professionals, and occupations through classroom-based and work-based learning.

Agape Center is partnering with Agape Leadership University, local churches, children’s homes, and youth ministries to provide quality vocational education and specialized training for youth, parents, and ministry leaders.

Agape Center provides a space for church school for children, church school for adults, in-person classes and training programs, seminars, workshops, meetings, counseling and coaching sessions, events, etc.

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