Agape Institute

Agape Institute is a private business school that offers executive education and continuing professional development in Myanmar.

The institute will offer online and in-person workshops and masterclass programs, vocational education and training programs, professional certificate and certification programs, executive development programs, continuing and professional studies, and graduate-level business courses.

We are dedicated to making quality learning accessible for people from all walks of life. And we are passionately committed to creating executive education and continuing professional development opportunities that provide transformative learning in general management, leadership development, executive development, entrepreneurship development, business development, vocational education, health and wellbeing education, and personal and professional development.


  • Workshops and MasterClasses
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Professional Certificate and Certification Programs
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Management Training Courses
  • Professional Diploma Courses
  • Family Health and Wellbeing Training
  • Micro and Small Business Development Training
  • Professional Studies
  • Graduate-level Business Courses

Partner With Us

Agape Institute is partnering with local churches, organizations, and MSMEs to offer executive education and continuing professional development in Myanmar.

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