About Peter Mang Company Limited

Peter Mang Company Limited is a growing transformational entrepreneurship that takes holistic approach to sustainable development in Myanmar. We are an officially registered company incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017 on March 4, 2019 as a Private Company Limited by Shares. The company is committed to accelerating transformation through leadership, entrepreneurship and development, and creating generational wealth through entrepreneurship ecosystem development, and ending generational poverty through building self-reliant communities.

Peter Mang Company constantly endeavors to bring real transformation to people from all walks of life, helping them find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique vision and calling, and live their life with purpose and mission. The company seeks to promote a holistic approach to sustainable development by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, improving well-being of families, building healthy communities and promoting corruption-free businesses in the country of Myanmar.

Why Transformational Entrepreneurship?

The theology of transformational entrepreneurship has to do with doing business for transformation. When leveraging transformational entrepreneurship you are engaging the marketplace as a platform for transformational change. You are not only generating stable incomes to support yourself, family and ministry, but also living the life God has called you to be and impacting lives, families, communities and even a nation through positive influence.

Business for Transformation practitioners are transformational entrepreneurs. Ethical transformational entrepreneurs don’t go into business for money.
You are on a mission with God, using your unique giftedness and business skills to bring solutions to socio-economic issues, build relationships and make a difference in the lives of people, and create real impact on society.

Company Services

Peter Mang Company Limited seeks to provide services in the areas of livelihoods improvement and family empowerment, family healthcare and wellness services, executive coaching and leadership development, executive education and professional development, professional psychotherapy and counseling, business solutions and management consulting, business coaching and mentoring, entrepreneurship ecosystem development, micro and small business development, and professional digital solutions.  

Peter Mang Company Limited is a leading freelance services marketplace for Christian freelancers, bivocational ministers, Christian professionals, skilled and talented self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.

Company Affiliation

Peter Mang Company is affiliated with Agape Entrepreneurship Association, a growing transformational entrepreneurship movement dedicated to accelerating inclusive and sustainable growth through micro, small and medium enterprises development in Myanmar. Peter Mang Company’s affiliation with Agape Entrepreneurship Association gives the opportunity to provide services in micro and small business development, entrepreneurship ecosystem development and investment management.

Founder and Managing Director

Peter Mang, entrepreneur and bivocational minister, is called to marketplace ministry through his profession of transformational entrepreneurship ecosystem development and micro, small and medium enterprises development. Read More About Peter and Calling and Career 

As founder of a transformational mission movement, Peter T. Mang initially serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and President and CEO of Agape Initiatives Movement, founded as Agape Mission in June 2009 with a vision to see every people group saved and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following his unique God-given vision and values, Peter founded the multifaceted transformational initiatives: Agape Discipleship Alliance, Agape Entrepreneurship Association, Agape Mission Alliance, Agape Development Foundation, Agape Youth Alliance, Agape Resources Organization, and Agape Leadership University. Peter Mang is the founding pastor of Agape Christian Church with house churches in Yangon, Myanmar.

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