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My Calling and Career:  Making the Right Career Choice for My Life

How do I make a living?

This question has challenged me to seek a self-sustainable model of ministry.  With almost two decades of ministry experience since 1998, and nine years of total submission to God’s will and purpose for my life since 2009, I’m definitely sure about my God-given vision and calling that I’ve been pursuing. (Read more “My Testimony: How God Transformed My Life”) Still then, I need to fine-tune and update my vision, mission, goals, and action plans time to time.  And, of course, I have to distinguish clearly between my calling and career. After experience has taught me that I need to make the right career move.

My Career Experiences

I began my career as a manpower management service provider, rendering services in foreign employment and livelihood development when I was 23, in March 2007. My business was operated for 2 years and closed in June 2009, and then transitioned to initiate a leading Christ’s transformational mission movement. And I also had career experiences in F & B Services, Travels and Tours Service, etc. over the years.

Again in 2015 I reinvented my career and started a new business in manpower development out of a compelling purpose to develop values, character, knowledge and personal skills and improve livelihood capabilities of church communities and to help them thrive.  This time my business was not successful and I did not reach my financial goals, whereas it was not solely a for-profit business. I realized that I did not make the right career move that tells if I need a career change. So, my question rose, How do I make the right business decision? or How do I make the right career choice for my life?

My God’s Calling

I believe I am also called to marketplace ministry through my profession of missional entrepreneurship and micro and small enterprise development.

So, why missional entrepreneurship? The theology of missional entrepreneurship has to do with doing business as mission that creates opportunities for demonstrating God’s redemptive love in the workplace. When doing missional entrepreneurship we are engaging the marketplace as a platform for Christian ministry. We are not only making money for a living, but also fulfilling our unique God-given calling and impacting our sphere of influence for Christ. It’s the philosophy of being an inspired and strategically equipped entrepreneurial leader to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and witness for Him in and through the business.

My Career Skills

My primary career interest was business accounting, in which I had basic professional training on computerized accounting systems. But, I made my career change to entrepreneurship and business management. I got more training in Christian entrepreneurship, including my diploma and business certificates.

Through my profession of missional entrepreneurship and micro and small enterprise development, I’ve been training church planters and mission leaders the intensive business training and micro and small enterprise development training, and providing them business coaching and mentoring with Agape Entrepreneurship Services. I enjoy helping people make better career decision, create breakthrough and financial freedom, and build inclusive and sustainable business success.

Personal, Family, and Ministry Finances

I’m inspired by the Apostle Paul’s personal financial statement; “You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my necessities and to those who were with me” (Acts 20:34, ESV). So, we set the higher standards of financial accountability for ourselves. My wife, Alice, and I have been volunteering for eight years now with Agape Church Yangon and Agape Initiatives Movement.

Our deep conviction and high fervor of God’s calling enabled us to walk with Him, as it takes faith, commitment, and consistency. All of the Agape Initiatives are started on prayers and operating by faith. Agape Initiatives is a faith-based mission operates by generous support of individuals, friends and families, and partnership of churches, ministries and conglomerates , and our partner organizations.

We trust our finances to God’s provision and we depend on Him to provide committed donors and partners in giving. Generous giving received at Agape Initiatives fund its vision and mission.


“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go.” (Isaiah 48:17, NASB)


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