Welcome to My Official Personal Website!

Greetings and welcome to my official personal branding website! I am just starting to get into my personal branding website, and this website is dedicated to “bringing God’s transforming love and living hope to all generations and helping leaders live their unique God-given calling and maximize their leadership impact”.

My name is Peter Tialhlai Mang. I am a visionary leader, entrepreneurial minister, church multiplier, mission mobilizer, missional entrepreneur, leadership coach, and transformational leader.

Committed to pursuing my unique God-given vision and calling in pursuit of God’s purpose for my life, I have initiated a leading Christ’s transformational mission movement that will bring God’s transforming love and living hope to all generations. Read More About Peter

As I continue to build my leadership blog, I’ll also offer a free e-learning platform for Burmese-speaking leaders to equip them with hands-on and life-transforming Agape Leadership Experience. Please like and follow my official Public Facebook Page Peter Tialhlai Mang

I look forward to growing with you as we cultivate a culture of lifelong learning. Thank you and God bless you.

Your Friend,

Peter Mang


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