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7 Traits of High-Potential Future Leaders

As I read Daniel 1:3-5, I glanced King Nebuchadnezzar’s commitment to developing high potential leaders he would have them serve in the king’s court and in his kingdom to handle the formidable challenges associated with hostile environment and complex leadership roles. Daniel 1:3-5 reads, “Then the king instructed Ashpenaz, the master of his eunuchs, to… Continue reading 7 Traits of High-Potential Future Leaders

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I Am Called to Lead

When reviewed my ministry experiences over the years, I observed that titles, position, prestige, entitlement, seniority, flowcharts, and degrees don’t make me a leader. They don’t define me either. Rather, they define my credibility, accountability, responsibilities, Christian service, and the results that correlate to the sacrifices I’ve made. The question is what makes me a leader?… Continue reading I Am Called to Lead