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Marshall Goldsmith is the world’s #1 executive coach (by Global Gurus), #1 leadership thinker and #7 business thinker (by Harvard Business Review and Thinkers 50). Marshall Goldsmith Coaching offers the world’s #1 executive and leadership coaching services.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith’s highly successful approach to executive and leadership coaching includes a strong emphasis on involvement of stakeholders or coworkers, implementation of leadership behavior change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching process is unique. The coach only gets paid after his clients get better! “Better” is not defined by the coach or by his individual clients. “Better” means measurable positive change in leadership behaviors as determined by key stakeholders or coworkers.

As a Certified Executive Coach, Certified TEAM Coach, Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach, Certified Global Leadership Coach, and Certified Global Team Coach, Peter has the honor of working with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching and Global Coach Group that offers the world’s #1 executive and leadership coaching services, and be part of the world’s largest executive and leadership coaches networks.

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching for Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership Growth

A proven research with 11,000 leaders on 4 continents shows that 95% of leaders using Stakeholder Centered Coaching improved their leadership effectiveness.

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching for Leaders and Teams are highly effective in leadership development with guaranteed results for 1-on-1 executive and leadership coaching and team coaching to measurably improve leadership behaviors and team effectiveness.

In facilitating leadership development using Marshall Goldsmith Coaching method Peter helps leaders measurably increase their leadership growth and team effectiveness through creating positive and transformative change in their leadership behaviors.

Peter Mang Coaching focuses on helping leaders achieve personal breakthrough experience, measurably increase their values, character, knowledge and competencies, and effectively implement leadership behavior change process to become a better person and a better leader. The leadership development process involves helping leaders increase self-awareness and commitment to growth, make the case for change, develop strategy and clear action plans, take micro actions to get small wins and build momentum, and develop metrics to measure progress and growth in leadership effectiveness.

Certified Coach Profile

Peter T. Mang is a gifted visionary strategist, entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, business for transformation practitioner and transformational leader. Peter’s passion is to empower personal, professional and organizational transformation and accelerate leadership, entrepreneurship and business development through strategic planning, training, counseling, coaching, mentoring, consulting, advocacy, executive education and solutions development.

A master trainer and facilitator, Peter has been a mobilizer, equipper and developer of entrepreneurs, business leaders, young professionals, young leaders, disciple making leaders, church planting leaders, and ministry leaders in churches and nonprofit organizations he has founded during the years 2009-2017.

Professional Experiences

Peter’s professional career began when he founded Peter Mang Company Limited in 2018, a growing transformational company that focuses on empowering personal, professional and organizational transformation and accelerating leadership, entrepreneurship, business and social development. He then launched family healthcare and wellness, coaching and mentoring for leadership development, business management consulting, professional psychotherapy and counseling, professional digital solutions, and freelance services marketplace for professionals, entrepreneurs, bi-vocational ministers, Christian leaders, business leaders, and MSMEs in Myanmar. Prior to starting Peter Mang Company, he was the owner and Managing Director of Agape Employment Agency a recruitment and foreign employment service in 2007.

As a visionary strategist, ecosystem builder, and transformational leader, Peter brings extensive experience in strategic leadership and organization development. Peter currently serves as President and CEO of Agape Initiatives Movement founded in 2009, founding pastor of Agape Church Yangon founded in 2012 and Founder and CEO of Peter Mang Company Limited founded in 2018. Peter is a Global Partner at Prossimo Global Partners, an executive advisory firm focused on strategy and human capital solutions.

Peter has founded several nonprofit organizations, and these include Agape Mission Alliance founded in 2009, Agape Discipleship Alliance founded in 2013, Agape Entrepreneurship Association founded in 2015, Agape Development Foundation founded in 2016, Agape Resources Organization founded in 2016, Agape Youth Alliance founded in 2017, and Agape Leadership University founded in 2017. These multifaceted transformational initiatives are banded as Agape Initiatives Movement.

Besides his work with Peter Mang Company, Agape Initiatives and Agape Church Peter is volunteering with several international, multinational nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. These include EQUIP Leadership a nonprofit international leadership development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell in 1996, World Youth Alliance an international nongovernmental youth organization founded at United Nations in 1999, Haggai International a nonprofit international leadership development founded by Dr. John Edmund Haggai in 1969, and other international Christian organizations.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Peter Mang is an Ordained Minister, European International University Certified Master Trainer (Train the Trainer), Haggai International Certified Leadership Development Facilitator, World Youth Alliance Certified Member, Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach, Certified TEAM Coach, Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach, Global Coach Group Certified Global Leadership Coach and Certified Global Team Coach, and professionally trained and qualified mentor and counselor.

Peter has Bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and Master of Divinity in Missions and Leadership from Gospel Baptist Seminary in Yangon. He studied Advanced Certificate in Theology and Ministry Leadership at City Harvest School of Theology in Singapore, and his Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Finance based in biblical principles and values at Focus Business School in Yangon. Peter enjoys learning continuing professional development diplomas in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Administration, Human Resources Management and Development, Project Management, Finance Management, International Business and Trade, and Global Marketing Management. Peter is currently pursuing his professional studies in Psychotherapy and Counseling (BA) and graduate studies in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (MBA), Transformational Leadership (MA), and Youth Development Leadership (MA).

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