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Peter Mang Company offers life coaching, executive coaching, leadership team coaching, leadership mentoring and consulting, and leadership development services.

We focus on helping leaders achieve personal breakthrough experience, measurably increase their values, character, knowledge and competencies and effectively implement leadership behavior change process to become a better person and a better leader.

The leadership development process involves helping leaders increase self-awareness and commitment to growth, make the case for change, develop strategy and clear action plans, take micro actions to get small wins and build momentum, and develop metrics to measure progress and growth in leadership effectiveness.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Internationally trained by Will Linssen, a recognized World’s #1 Coach Trainer, Master Certified Coach, World’s #6 Best Leadership Coach, Peter Mang has been awarded Certified Global Leadership Coach and Certified Global Team Coach by the Global Coach Group and be part of the top leadership coaching organization integrating coaching with innovative technology services for a modern world.

Peter Mang is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach, Certified TEAM Coach, and Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching the World’s #1 Coaching Development Program that offers the world’s #1 executive and leadership coaching services, and be part of the world’s largest executive coaches network.

Peter is also professionally trained in life coaching, discipleship coaching, church planting coaching, business and corporate coaching, and leadership mentoring and consulting.

Leadership Development through Coaching and Mentoring

We are offering a free leadership coaching and mentoring for 100 Christian leaders starting from Monday, August 3, 2020.

As promised to pay it forward to as many leaders as possible, Peter Mang dedicated to coaching and mentoring 100 leaders in the next one year.

We are pleased to invite you to join a free one-on-one leadership coaching and mentoring for pastors, youth leaders, church planters, ministry leaders, mission mobilizers, bivocational ministers and volunteer leaders.

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Peter T. Mang is an ordained minister, visionary strategist, missional entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, business for transformation practitioner, mission mobilizer, discipleship coach, church planting coach, executive coach, leadership coach, team coach, professional mentor, master trainer, master facilitator, counselor, development advocate, and transformational leader.

Authentic Leadership

Your Character Matters

Everything is built on trust. Great leadership is built on trust. It’s all about character relationships. Character is the foundation of trust and trust is the foundation of leadership. Leadership is influence and influence is about who you are. It’s about your character. Living a life of integrity is one of the character traits that sets great leaders apart. It is a non-negotiable essential for authentic leadership.

Agape Leadership Experience

Agape Leadership is characterized by sacrificial service. Leadership is not about being on the top and served by others. Leadership is about being service to others. True leadership is sacrificial service.

Most leaders fail because they love money and power more than the people they lead. You can’t really lead people if you don’t unconditionally love them. Leadership is impossible without sacrificial love.

Leading by example, authentic leaders are those who live by faith, walk in truth, lead with character, act with integrity, and serve in love. These five character traits are the DNA of Agape Leadership.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

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