LIFE Transformation Solutions

Agape Group takes seriously to fulfill our corporate social responsibility to enact social change and development through promoting socially responsible businesses, accelerating holistic development, and creating a positive impact on lives, families and communities.

LIFE Transformation Solutions is an initiative for Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment™. Started at home and healthy family as a priority goal, our innovative LIFE Transformation Solutions offers family health and wellness, family advocacy and support services, family development services, career development consulting, livelihoods improvement for youth and women, and professional counseling services for kids, teens, youths, couples and family, and personal and professional development for survivors of abuse and human trafficking.

Agape Group has the honor of partnering with Agape Entrepreneurship Association in creating wealth and alleviating poverty through the Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment ™ initiative funded by Agape Charity Fund.

We’re dedicated to building strong families that lead to strong communities and a strong nation through empowering holistic transformation and accelerating sustainable development.

LIFE Transformation Solutions

  • Life Skills Education
  • Family Health and Wellness
  • Family Advocacy Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Parenting and Child Development
  • Counseling Services for kids, teens, youths, couples and family
  • Caregiver Education and Support
  • Inclusive Livelihoods Development
  • Career Development Consulting
  • Personal and Professional Development.