Peter T. Mang’s Biography

I am a visionary strategist, mission mobilizer, church planter, entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, business for transformation practitioner, entrepreneurship and business trainer, discipleship development trainer, leadership development facilitator, church planter coach, life coach, executive and leadership coach, professional mentor, psychotherapeutic counselor, advocate and transformational leader.

Personal Values: I am a person of faith. My personal values are “Loving God Wholeheartedly, Loving People Unconditionally” and “Transforming Lives, Developing Leaders.

My Purpose: Living intentionally and fully engaged in life and work, I discerned that God has a unique purpose for my life to empower people, challenge growth, transform lives and develop leaders, and I am called to transformational leadership, entrepreneurship and missions. My life motto is: “Enjoy Life, Glorify God”.  

My Passion: My passion is to glorify God by empowering personal, professional and organizational transformation and accelerating leadership, entrepreneurship and business development through strategic planning, training, mentoring, coaching, counseling, consulting, advocacy, executive education and solutions development.

Vision Statement: Following my passion and purpose in life internationally, I envisioned agape love movement that brings God’s redemptive love, transforming grace and living hope to every people group. I enjoy seeing when someone gets saved, is transformed, lives a purposeful life, grows as a disciple and a leader.

Mission Statement: Compelled by Christ’s love, I am driven by my mission to empower people to thrive, accelerate transformational change, cultivate a culture of healthy leadership, develop a new generation of transformed, empowered and servant leaders, and help them pursue their unique God-given vision and calling and live their life with purpose and mission.

My Background: I was born and raised in a Christian family, spent my childhood in remote villages within Falam Township, Chin State in western Myanmar. My parents are retired self-employed businessman and retired primary school headmistress. I have seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters, and I’m the second eldest son. I studied my high school in Chin State, and also learned to grow a wide variety of crops and diversified vegetable farm of hill farming in Chin State.

How I Became a Born-Again Believer: Being raised in a Christian family, I was taught the Bible and have attended Children’s Sunday school and the church, but had never felt that I truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ until I attended a gospel crusade. By God’s grace, I had the opportunity to hear the authentic gospel and came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord at age 14. With my elder brother David we moved to Yangon in the year 2000 to pursue theological education when I was 16.

God’s Call to the Ministry: I began to serve in Children’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher in my teenager. It was since 1998 I had a desire to serve in ministry, and in 2002 I realized God’s call to the ministry, and in 2007 I discovered my God-sized dreams and vision, then in 2009 I came in full realization of my unique God-given calling and the specific purpose God has for my life. Though I failed God many times, He is faithful always and His love never fails me.

My Family: My wife Alice and I have been married since 2009 and God has blessed us with two fine and fabulous sons, Joshua Mang and Joseph Mang, and a beautiful daughter, Janice Mang. I am convinced that God established a fine family that He uses our trials to mold and shape us for His own purpose, and He makes us into what He intended for our marriage and family. I always thank God for my family because family leadership helps prepare me for my leadership in ministry, business and nonprofits. We live in Yangon, Myanmar. Read More My Family

My Calling and Career: I began my career from a humble beginning in March 2007. As a bivocational minister, missional entrepreneur, I am also called to marketplace leadership through my profession of entrepreneurship ecosystem development and micro and small business development. As a natural born entrepreneur, I am a self-starter who works on my own initiative and through a right discern of God’s leadership. I worked my way up from a waiter to business owner, from entrepreneur to ecosystem builder, and from business leader to executive coach.  

I founded Peter Mang Company Limited, a private family company that is a growing transformational company that focuses on empowering personal, professional and organizational transformation and accelerating leadership, entrepreneurship, business and social development, founded in March 2018. And also I founded Agape Entrepreneurship Association, a leading transfrormational entrepreneurship movement focused on building and accelerating inclusive and sustainable development through micro, small and medium enterprises development in Myanmar.

Called to Pastoral Ministry: I enjoy being Pastor as Life Coach and Shepherd. As a Life Coach, my mission is to help people from all walks of life find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique God-given vision and calling,  live their life with purpose and mission, and lead their life, family, ministry and business for the glory of God. And as a Shepherd, my utmost responsibility is to lead, feed, nurture, comfort, discipline, protect and care for the people of God or members of the body of Jesus Christ, which represents in the members of the local church and most of all to equip God’s people for ministry.

Since 2012 I have the privilege of serving as founding pastor of Agape Church Yangon, an independent and autonomous local body of born-again believers, operating through small groups and house churches in Yangon, Myanmar.

My Unique God-given Vision: In earlier 2007, God has implanted in me the vision for LOVE NEVER FAILS™, a God-given vision to initiate agape love movement that will bring God’s redemptive love, transforming grace and living hope to every people group. With true brokenness and life changing moment on Sunday, June 28, 2009, God brought forth my unique God-given vision to initiate a global movement of God’s mission of transformation.

My Ministry Experiences: Following my unique God-given vision and living values, I have initiated Agape Initiatives Movement, a growing transformational mission movement committed to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission. With my wife Alice, I have founded seven multifaceted transformational initiatives banded together as Agape Initiatives Movement.

Agape Initiatives Movement is a growing transformational mission movement dedicated to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission through multifaceted transformational initiatives.

ADA Logo

Agape Discipleship Alliance : ADA is an initiative for evangelism, discipleship, church growth and revitalization dedicated to multiplying disciples who will make disciples, growing a disciple-making culture in churches, and accelerating church growth in Myanmar. AGA exists to provide evangelism explosion, discipleship development, church growth and revitalization, and access to discipleship mission training and ministry support relations for churches.

Agape Entrepreneurship Association : AEA is a growing transformational entrepreneurship movement dedicated to accelerating inclusive and sustainable development through micro, small and medium enterprises. AEA exists to inspire, equip and develop entrepreneurs, create business opportunities, build entrepreneurship ecosystem, and accelerate micro, small and medium enterprises development in Myanmar.

Agape Mission Alliance : AMA is an initiative for mission mobilization, church planting and multiplication movement. AMA exists to envision God’s working in and through every disciple of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, multiply mission mobilization movements and accelerate church planting and multiplication movements in Myanmar.

ADF Logo

Agape Development Foundation : ADF is a non-profit Christian charitable organization dedicated to building and accelerating holistic, inclusive and sustainable development in Myanmar. ADF exists to create organizational financial sustainability for multifaceted transformational initiatives and provide holistic approach to inclusive and sustainable development that accelerates transformation.


Agape Youth Alliance : AYA is an initiative for children and youth development with a mission to promote human dignity, protect the rights of children and advance child and youth development. AYA exists to mobilize communities and ministries and advocate to ensure that all vulnerable children and youth have access to resources, education and supports they need to thrive.

ARO Logo

Agape Resources Organization : ARO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making resources accessible for leaders, churches, organizations, local ministries and businesses. ARO exists to mobilize Kingdom resources, coordinate the multifaceted transformational initiatives and facilitate to increase access to resources in Myanmar.


Agape Leadership University : ALU is a private nonprofit Christian institution that operates under Agape Initiatives Movement in Yangon, Myanmar. ALU exists to inspire, develop and equip transformed, empowered, servant leaders for transformational movements.

Ministry Experiences:

Besides my works with Peter Mang Company, Agape Initiatives and Agape Church I enjoy serving as a volunteer leader with several international, multinational nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. These include EQUIP Leadership a nonprofit international leadership development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell in 1996, World Youth Alliance an international nongovernmental youth organization founded at United Nations in 1999, Haggai International a nonprofit international leadership development founded by Dr. John Edmund Haggai in 1969, and other international Christian organizations.

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