About Peter T. Mang

Peter T. Mang is a visionary strategist, mission mobilizer, missional entrepreneur, entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, small business development trainer and coach, business consultant, discipleship development trainer and mentor, leadership development trainer and facilitator, leadership coach, professional trainer, professional counselor, advocate and transformational leader.

Purpose, Passion, Vision and Mission

As Peter engaged in ministry leadership and marketplace leadership, he discerned that God has a unique purpose for his life and he is called to serve and lead.  His passion is to glorify God by being a faithful servant-steward leader and by accelerating transformation through leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and development.

Following his passion and purpose in life intentionally, Peter Mang envisioned agape love movement that brings God’s redemptive love, transforming grace and living hope to all generations. Peter is driven by his mission to accelerate transformational change, cultivate a culture of healthy leadership, develop a new generation of transformed, empowered and servant leaders, and help them pursue their unique God-given vision and calling and live their life with purpose and mission.

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Peter Mang is the Owner of www.PeterMang.com, a personal branding website dedicated to helping people find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique God-given vision and calling, live their mission, and lead their life.

Peter Mang is also founder and Managing Director of Peter Mang Company Limited, a private family enterprise that is a growing buinsess as mission founded in March 2018. The Peter Mang Company is committed to accelerating transformation through leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and development, and creating generational wealth and building inclusive and sustainable growth through entrepreneurial ecosystem development to build strong families that leads to strong communities and nation.

As founder of a global movement of God’s mission of transformation, Peter initially serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and President and CEO of Agape Initiatives Movement, founded as Agape Mission in June 2009 with a vision to see every people group saved and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following his unique God-given and values, Peter founded the multi-faceted, high-impact transformational initiatives: Agape Gospel Alliance, Agape Entrepreneurship Association, Agape Mission Alliance, Agape Development Foundation, Agape Youth Alliance, Agape Resources Organization, and Agape Leadership University.

Since 2012 Peter Mang has the privilege of serving as founding pastor of Agape Church Yangon, an independent and autonomous local body of born-again believers, operating through small groups and house churches that function as a multisite church in Yangon, Myanmar.

Called to Pastoral Ministry 

Peter Mang is a Pastor as Life Coach and Shepherd. As a Life Coach, his mission is to help people from all walks of life find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique God-given vision and calling, live their life with purpose and mission, and lead their life, family, ministry and business. And as a Shepherd, his utmost responsibility is to lead, feed, nurture, comfort, discipline, protect and care for the people of God or members of the body of Jesus Christ, which represents in the members of the local church and most of all to equip God’s people for ministry.

With discernment of God’s calling to ministry leadership, Peter was recognized and confirmed by his granduncle, a man of God, Rev. Dr. Robert Thawng Hlai, the late Founding Minister and Senior Pastor of Chin Baptist Church of Yangon, through the laying on of hands and prayer of dedication.

Peter Mang was officially ordained to the gospel ministry in February 2018, with ministerial authority and official recognition of his unique God-given calling through the laying on of hands by Senior Leaders from Myanmar Gospel Baptist Convention and Faculty of Gospel Baptist Bible Seminary.


Peter Mang is a seminary-trained minister, internationally-trained professional, thoroughly-equipped leader, certified Master Trainer, mentor, facilitator, and leadership and executive coach of discipleship development, church planting and multiplication, entrepreneurship and business development, and leadership development, who is uniquely and strategically equipped to develop the values, character, knowledge, and expertise of church planters, ministry leaders, missional entrepreneurs, business leaders and transformational leaders.

As an internationally-trained Haggai Leader, alumnus of Haggai International and faculty and facilitator at Haggai Myanmar, Peter passes on the DNA of Haggai Leader Experience to the influential, transformed leaders to do the work of Evangelist and train other Christian leaders for Evangelism to maximize their leadership impact in their sphere of influence.

Peter has Bachelor of Theology in Biblical and Systematic Theology and Master of Divinity with concentration in Church Leadership and Missions Studies from Gospel Baptist Bible Seminary in Yangon. He studied Advanced Certificate in Theology and Ministry Leadership at City Harvest School of Theology in Singapore, and his Diploma in Christian Entrepreneurship and business management at Focus Business School in Yangon. Peter is currently pursuing his professional Diplomas in Business Management and Administration, and Human Resources Management and Development, and his BA in Psychotherapy and Master’s Degrees in Christian Entrepreneurship, and Transformational Leadership.

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