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Help Peter Mang Pursue His Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership

My name is Peter T. Mang. I am founder and President and CEO of Agape Initiatives Movement and Managing Director of Peter Mang Company Limited.  And since 2012, I have the privilege of serving as the founding pastor of Agape Church Yangon with house churches in Yangon, Myanmar.

My wife, Alice, and I count it a great privilege to serve and we have been volunteering the ministry for ten years now since our start of Agape Initiatives Movement in 2009 and Agape Church Yangon in 2012. You know it is quite challenging to initiate a locally-sustainable model of ministry in Myanmar. During the past decade of sacrificial service God has been gracious and faithful to us even in times of trouble and despair and He is our refuge and strength when we were homeless and felt helpless and an ever-present help in times of need. We enjoy serving selflessly and we do it willingly.

Our emphasis is Christ’s Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Over the past a decade, we have initiated a movement of God’s mission of transformation, seen hundreds of multi-ethnic people transformed through the gospel, planted churches among unreached and disadvantaged neighborhoods and the least-reached people groups, equipped and developed disciple-making leaders who will multiply Christlike disciples and plant multiplying churches, and that we take the initiative to make genuine, lasting transformation happen in our country.

As I engaged in ministry leadership and marketplace leadership, I discerned that God has a unique purpose for my life and He calls me to lead transformation.  My passion is to glorify God by being a faithful servant-steward leader and by accelerating transformation through leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and development.

Following my passion and purpose in life, I envisioned agape love movement that brings God’s transforming love and living hope to all generations, and I am driven by my mission to accelerate transformational change, cultivate a culture of healthy leadership, develop a new generation of transformed, empowered and servant leaders, and help peope pursue their unique vision and calling and live their life with purpose and mission.

Growing up as less privileged has always keeps me from pursuing my graduate studies. But now God has prepared for me to pursue my master’s degree in transformational leadership. I am pleased to have been approved for Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) a two-year program at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL), and my scholarship application was accepted to offer the following scholarship.

By God’s grace, I am qualified 100% for the scholarship for tuition, textbooks and fees, Partners in Ministry course for my wife, on-campus housing for family, and Philippine visa expenses for my family. And I am responsible for our 2 Children’s school, food allowance, and personal allowance for my family (transportation, clothing, personal expenses, and medical expenses) during my studying at IGSL in Philippines. The IGSL policy for married international students is “husbands may not study alone at IGSL. Married men must bring their wives and their children below the age of 16 when they come to IGSL to study”.

As much as I trust God for our finances and depend on Him to provide financial supporters, I believe that with your help I will be able to pursue my Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership. Your financial support, no matter its size, will help make my graduate studies possible and that will enable me to prepare myself to effectively lead transformation in our country and beyond in responding to God’s call.

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Thank you for your prayers and generous support. God bless you.

PS: Please fill out the form below to contact me and I would love to send you a copy of an official Scholarship Grant letter from IGSL, Scholarship Agreement between me (Peter Mang) and IGSL with my signature, approved My Future Ministry Plan that explains why you should invest in my education (in exactly 300 words), and Proof of Financial Support for you to fill out your financial commitment to support my education to cover part of the costs of my study at IGSL. We will not share your personal information. 

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